Monday, December 29, 2003

You probably think you've heard it all.
You're wrong.

Friday, December 26, 2003

9 days since my last blog. 27 meals. 72 hours of sleep.

Holidays are trying to fatten me. Thanks, Godiva. Thanks, Sees. Thanks, Hershey.

I saw Paycheck on Christmas. Yes, the reviews were mediocre, and yes, Ben Affleck has been on the decline for years. But still, it was pretty good. Whereas most action movies look foolish because the hero always escapes danger in the nick of time, in this case, the hero saw into the future, so that whole cliched device is logically justified by the plot. The bad guys never had a chance. This leaves you in the strange scenario of wanting them to win, because they were the underdogs.

I haven't blogged because I've had so many recording sessions! Mostly hip-hop, although there's also an opera singer in here recording avant-garde classical music. Favorite song title of the week: Flash the DJ. This guy is trying to take the Girls Gone Wild phenomenon onto the dance floor.

And now, I draw your attention to a very strange place - 24 hour fitness club finder No, this has nothing to do with the chocolate references. I'm just intrigued by this zoom in Flash map, because, well, because I would expect ALL maps online to have worked like this for years, but they never do.

Looking for a New Year's Resolution? Look no further. You can be an MIT geek for free! Choose from over 500 subjects.

Not looking to do anything in 2004? But want to pretend to be working on your computer? Relax in the valley.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

OK, let's run it down.
Last week I rained spam down on society like frogs.
Come the weekend, I went snowboarding at Stevens Pass and got my ass KICKED.
Yes sir, because I rented boots and they didn't fit right. And I was sore for three days.

OK, but enough complaining, I went to not one, but two parties afterwards, including one held in a basement, on the set of a local sitcom (public access) where we watched the first full episode of said sitcom, created by a number of crazy people who quit their jobs 6 months ago to make their dreams come true. Ah, youth.

Every night this week I'm in the studio...everybody wants to finish their album projects by Christmas.

And now, for a little fun at the expense of others:

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

What a weekend. I recorded my toy piano for the first time on a Cheeba production. Mario Party battle with the boss. A blind date. Tiki bar drinks. Etc. The album art for the vinyl project is finished and it is beautiful. www.staticfactory.org

I've been reading the Mathematica Principia by Issac Newton to fall asleep. How strange. I am also getting fat for the winter. More sleep and more food.

Finally got a new car stereo...the old one broke six months ago but I decided to express my masochism by listening to skipping CDs for a while.

The new roommate Z is already the old roommate - the second loss from significant other syndrome. I posted on craigslist and got only two responses. Not a good sign. Up to now, I thought that Craig was on my side.

I am full of questions tonight. Why don't I play the sax anymore? Why is entropy out to get me? My jeans ripped, my right tire is slowly going flat and I've lost at least 3 db of hearing in one ear. Will somebody get off their ass and go to Mars already?

My favorite online shock jock.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Thursday comes too soon. Here I am in the machine again. The spam cannon is healthy today. Sunday evening brought a rehearsal with Terrene, followed by Alias, the one TV show that I care anything about. And not because Jennifer Garner is hot. Because of the music. The music in that show is fucking brilliant.

Monday was nothing. Tuesday I had a recording session with Lord Lazarus. I'll print his full name next time - it's too long to remember. And I met with a friend from MusicMatch for lunch who is trying to pitch [censored] on a big deal to do [censored]. And also on Tuesday, lots of people were mad at me at work and I got a gag order. *gag*
It's my presentation layer, not the content. Always, with the presentation layer, this guy.

Wednesday everybody stood me up - a happy hour date and the Beat Congress band meeting. So I rented a bad movie, The Cube, which was highly mathematical and low budget.

The flu is strong this year. It's a pitched battle lately.

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