Tuesday, December 09, 2003

What a weekend. I recorded my toy piano for the first time on a Cheeba production. Mario Party battle with the boss. A blind date. Tiki bar drinks. Etc. The album art for the vinyl project is finished and it is beautiful. www.staticfactory.org

I've been reading the Mathematica Principia by Issac Newton to fall asleep. How strange. I am also getting fat for the winter. More sleep and more food.

Finally got a new car stereo...the old one broke six months ago but I decided to express my masochism by listening to skipping CDs for a while.

The new roommate Z is already the old roommate - the second loss from significant other syndrome. I posted on craigslist and got only two responses. Not a good sign. Up to now, I thought that Craig was on my side.

I am full of questions tonight. Why don't I play the sax anymore? Why is entropy out to get me? My jeans ripped, my right tire is slowly going flat and I've lost at least 3 db of hearing in one ear. Will somebody get off their ass and go to Mars already?

My favorite online shock jock.

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