Friday, December 26, 2003

9 days since my last blog. 27 meals. 72 hours of sleep.

Holidays are trying to fatten me. Thanks, Godiva. Thanks, Sees. Thanks, Hershey.

I saw Paycheck on Christmas. Yes, the reviews were mediocre, and yes, Ben Affleck has been on the decline for years. But still, it was pretty good. Whereas most action movies look foolish because the hero always escapes danger in the nick of time, in this case, the hero saw into the future, so that whole cliched device is logically justified by the plot. The bad guys never had a chance. This leaves you in the strange scenario of wanting them to win, because they were the underdogs.

I haven't blogged because I've had so many recording sessions! Mostly hip-hop, although there's also an opera singer in here recording avant-garde classical music. Favorite song title of the week: Flash the DJ. This guy is trying to take the Girls Gone Wild phenomenon onto the dance floor.

And now, I draw your attention to a very strange place - 24 hour fitness club finder No, this has nothing to do with the chocolate references. I'm just intrigued by this zoom in Flash map, because, well, because I would expect ALL maps online to have worked like this for years, but they never do.

Looking for a New Year's Resolution? Look no further. You can be an MIT geek for free! Choose from over 500 subjects.

Not looking to do anything in 2004? But want to pretend to be working on your computer? Relax in the valley.

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