Thursday, December 04, 2003

Thursday comes too soon. Here I am in the machine again. The spam cannon is healthy today. Sunday evening brought a rehearsal with Terrene, followed by Alias, the one TV show that I care anything about. And not because Jennifer Garner is hot. Because of the music. The music in that show is fucking brilliant.

Monday was nothing. Tuesday I had a recording session with Lord Lazarus. I'll print his full name next time - it's too long to remember. And I met with a friend from MusicMatch for lunch who is trying to pitch [censored] on a big deal to do [censored]. And also on Tuesday, lots of people were mad at me at work and I got a gag order. *gag*
It's my presentation layer, not the content. Always, with the presentation layer, this guy.

Wednesday everybody stood me up - a happy hour date and the Beat Congress band meeting. So I rented a bad movie, The Cube, which was highly mathematical and low budget.

The flu is strong this year. It's a pitched battle lately.

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