Monday, June 27, 2005

Found an apartment in NYC finally, with the endless help of Pauls Toutonghi! Upper West Side.
All packed and ready to walk into the humid soup of NYC July. Sandals are a great invention.
In other news, if this type of thing doesn't surprise you, then you are watching too many movies.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Well, I went to NYC last weekend to look for an apartment, and I got beat down! I mean, it was 85 and humid, and David told me I didn't need to bring shorts. My brokers were cruel, every apartment had a fatal Shakesperean flaw, I didn't know the neighborhoods like I thought I did (they are so very fractal, down to the half block at least), and I looked at twenty apartments and walked a marathon and found nothing. Nothing. Hey, what is up with all the little dogs though? This dog miniaturization is getting out of hand...it seems to be roughly correlated with the shrinking of the i-Pod models as well. Eventually, you people are going to get dogs so small that you will lose them. You will misplace your dog. That will be a sad day.

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