Saturday, September 16, 2006

So one of my tenants got drunk last night, blacked out, and went a bit nuts. Starting throwing large chunks of firewood at another tenant's head. Sane tenant ran outside and called the cops while crazy tenant broke beer bottles on the ground inside and basically stomped around like a Viking. Four cop cars came to sleepy Beacon Hill. Six cops with shotguns on the lawn. Crazy tenant won't leave the house. Cops run the name. Turns out he has a gun registered (which nobody knew), and, that he's been arrested before for minor assault charges before (bar fights, etc.)

Under these conditions, cops won't enter the house - the guy who may have a gun needs to come out. He won't come out. More cops come. They establish a "command post" down the street. Cop in charge tells sane tenant that only S.W.A.T. can enter the house, and if they do, they will use tear gas. Sane tenant says, whoa, whoa, let's take a deep breath, I can sleep somewhere else for the night, will you go in and get him tomorrow morning, without S.W.A.T., when he's sober or asleep? Cops agree.

I have to learn how to evict a tenant quickly. What a sad sad hassle.

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