Thursday, April 21, 2005

Muda - an Estonian electronic music label writes my favorite liner notes for their sampler, out of 101 CDs reviewed at MIDEM 2005:

Hi there, fun lover. Come with us.

There is a place, where, when it doesn't snow, it rains. A place, where people tend to wear dark clothes, in case they get sprayed with dirt by a passing car. Sun? Of course, sir, about an hour a day. Thank god for Australian TV shows.

Yes, dear friend, come have fun in Estonia.

Why, you ask?

If we told you, you probably wouldn't believe. After all, why trust a stranger?

So let's leave it to someone who speaks this universal language, which - the less we understand it, the more we enjoy. Music.

And the colours? You should not forget mud. The dirt. After all, it was the substance we allegedly were created of.

It's a well-known fact that you get the colour of mud by mixing all available colurs. But what if you reverse the process?

You will hear the results of this experiment on this CD. There are some colourful souls in this grey country.


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